There are at least three reasons why Just Craft  Soda tastes better than other sodas:

Unique flavours

Check out our 5 original, balanced flavor combinations for yourself. We bet you’ve never tried these flavours before in a soda.


We only use natural ingredients in our formulas. Never anything artificial – just the good stuff.


Each of our sodas start with 60% fruit juice as the first ingredient. We insist on this as a mark of quality and guarantor of taste.

The Just Craft Soda story

I’ve always loved soda: it’s my favourite treat. It’s been a staple of mine for decades. For a few years I even worked for the second largest soft drink manufacturer.
But as I’ve aged and learned more about food and drink, the sodas I now find hold far less appeal. The flavours are boring, recipes are artificial and brands don’t speak to me.
I thought I could make a better soda – so I’m giving it a shot.
Just Craft Soda is exactly the sort of soda I want to drink; it’s flavorful, natural and sophisticated. It’s produced in small batches in St. Catharines, Ontario using high quality ingredients and care.
I really hope you like it too.

John McEachern, Founder

Our Sodas

5 unique flavours

Peach & Habanero

Sweet, tropical peach flavour up-front with habanero burn on the back. A spicy finish that builds to a satisfying crescendo.

Lemon & Lemongrass

Clean, tart lemon flavor up-front with a funky citrus-floral twist on the back. Fresh and bright all the way to the finish.

Apple & Ginger

Fruity, floral red apple flavor up-front with a peppery kick on the back.  A satisfyingly complex sweet treat.

Pear & Vanilla

Sweet, creamy pear flavor up-front dissolving into a smooth, rich finish on the back. Just like a fruity cream soda.

Tangerine & Rhubarb

Sweet, tangy citrus up-front cut with tart rhubarb on the end. A riotous contrast of sweet and sour.

latest news

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Video Gallery

Enjoy our Youtube videos from all our events, fans and family. Enjoy the Just Craft Soda journey.

Just Craft Soda - Sparkling Toddy
Just Craft Soda - Sparkling Margarita
Just Craft Soda - Grown Up Apple Cider
Just & Jack Spiced Apple Mule

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